Gravitational Waves and Experimental Gravity

Rencontres de Moriond and GPhyS Colloquium

La Thuile, 20 - 27 March 2011


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The Rencontres de Moriond and GPhyS colloquium will be held in La Thuile, Italy, from March 20th to March 27th, 2011. It will be devoted to Gravitational Waves and Experimental Gravity, in parallel with a similar workshop on QCD and high energy interactions. The scientific field covered includes all aspects of theoretical and experimental gravitation:

  • Gravitational Waves

    • Astrophysical sources of GW
    • Cosmological sources of GW
    • GW data analysis
    • Status of detectors
    • Advanced detectors
    • Space borne detectors

  • Experimental Gravity

    • Tests of the equivalence principle (classical and cold atoms)
    • Atrometry, solar system ephemerides and observational gravity tests
    • Clocks, lasers and fundamental constants
    • CPT and Lorentz symmetry
    • Short range gravity and Casimir effect; classical, atom and neutron tests
    • Long range gravity, dark matter, dark energy

Scientific program committee:
Marie-Christine Angonin, Réza Ansari,
Marie-Anne Bizouard, Luc Blanchet, Mike Cruise, Jacques Dumarchez, Yannick Giraud-Héraud, Seth Hoedl, Christophe Magneville, Ernst Rasel, Serge Reynaud, Fulvio Ricci, Roman Schnabel, Jean-Yves Vinet, Peter Wolf.

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