Journée GPhys 2017

Lundi 19 juin 2017,
Salle de Conférence du château
Observatoire de Meudon

All talks are 15+5 minutes

09:20 welcome

Strong field gravity

10h50 Coffee break

Strong field gravity and gravitational waves

12h40 Lunch break

Compact objects

15h40 Coffee break

Weak field gravity

  • 16h10 Pacôme Delva (SYRTE) Test of Special Relativity Using a Fiber Network of Optical Clocks
  • 16h30 Christophe Le Poncin-Lafitte (SYRTE) Tests of Lorentz Symmetry in the Gravitational Sector
  • 16h50 Azer Trimèche (SYRTE) AtoM Interferometry dual Gravi-GradiOmeter AMIGGO, from capability demonstrations in laboratory to space missions

17h10 End


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