Présentations dans les cadre des projets soutenus par l’action Gphys :


  1. J. Laskar : AMD-stability and the classification
    of planetary systems.
    Von Humboldt colloqium on Celestial mechanics
  2. A. Chatelain : Flavor evolution in astrophysical environments and non-linear feedback, TAUP 2017, Ontario (Canada)
  3. C. Volpe : Neutrino astrophysics and connections with nuclear physics, CNNP2017, Catane (Italy)
  4. J. Novak : Pulsar glitch models in general relativity, CoCoNuT meeting, Garching (Germany)
  5. Z. Meliani : Shocks in relativistic stratified jets, CoCoNuT meeting, Garching (Germany)
  6. M. Oertel : Proto-neutron star properties with a new temperature dependent hyperonic equation of state, MODE-SNR-PWN workshop, Caen
  7. J. Serreau,Seminar, TU München (Germany)
  8. J. Serreau : Quantum field theory in curved space-time, International Summer School on High Energy Physics (TAE 2017), Benasque (Spain)
  9. J. Serreau : Nonperturbative renormalization group for scalar fields on de Sitter space, Quantum vacuum and gravitation, Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (Germany)
  10. J. Serreau : Non perturbative dynamics of scalar fields in de Sitter space, Functional renormalisation group, Functional Renormalization - from quantum gravity and dark energy to ultracold atoms and condensed matter, Heidelberg (Germany)
  11. J. Serreau : Inspire High Energy Physics, Seminar, University of Newcastle
  12. D. Hestroffer : Astrometry and dynamics of Solar System Objects with Gaia GDR observations and catalogues, AAS/DDA meeting, London
  13. D. Hestroffer : BIRDY – Interplanetary CubeSat to small body of the Solar System , EPSC 2017, Riga (Latvia)
  14. S. Eggl and D. Hestroffer : Post Deflection Impact Risk Analysis of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), EPSC 2017, Riga (Latvia)
  15. D. Oszkiewicz : Asteroid phase-curves from Gaia-calibrated data, EPSC 2017, Riga (Latvia)
  16. J. Desmars et al : DynAstVO : a Europlanet database of NEA orbits, EPSC 2017, Riga (Latvia)


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